Espondea is a vast land with many varieties of terrains, creatures, people, and magics. The kingdoms of Espondea have waged wars for centuries for rage, glory and honor. Within the past century, however, a new kingdom has been forged with the hope to avoid the military strife of it’s predecessors. This kingdom is known as Arrum. In less than one hundred years time an open plain, known only to the forest elves from the south as Elsim, grew from a camp site of travelers to an economic powerhouse of the land. The main fortress of the Arrum Kingdom is the City of Light, a monument to lavish lifestyles and the power of wealth and trade. Arrum is not without it’s short comings, however. Economically this young kingdom is brimming with might, but the monetary focus has come with a price. The king’s army is weak with it’s lack of a war-torn history. To fill the void a group of five formed the Adventurer’s Guild to protect Arrum’s people. Now adventurers from across the world come together under one banner for wealth, honor, and protection of this land.